How do I volunteer?

Please fill out the form at the Main Volunteer Page.

What is the minimum age to volunteer?

We accept volunteers of all ages (parents must accompany any volunteers under the age of 16).  Due to liability, volunteers must be at least 18 years old to handle our pets.

Volunteers who are 16-17 years old must have their parent/guardian attend the Volunteer Orientation with them and sign the release form provided by Homeless Pets Foundation before volunteering.

*Please note to work with the Cat Team you must be at least 18 years old as you will be trained to be a Site Leader.

What can I do if I am under 18 years old?

At adoption sites you can hold signs & donation jars, hand out brochures, and sell items that benefit HPF.

There are plenty of other ways you can help us outside of adoption sites as well:

  • Wish List
    HPF is always in need of supplies, you can start your own wish list drive for HPF with your school, friends or community. Please find our wish list here
  • Make Posters
    HPF always needs help with promotions!  You can help make super colorful signs for our upcoming special events and adoption sites.
  • Make Snuggly Blankets
    Our pets like to snuggle too – so how about helping make them something to snuggle with.  These super easy tie-blankets are great for our animals!
  • Make ‘Adopt Me’ Vest
  • Homeless Pets Club
    Start a Homeless Pets Club at your school to help spread the word about Homeless Pets!  Visit the Homeless Pets Club site to sign up!

Is there a cost to volunteer?

-All volunteers must pay a one-time fee of $15 to help offset expenses, this includes a Volunteer Homeless Pets Foundation t-shirt.  When signing up for orientation you have the option to also purchase an apron as well, but not mandatory.

Is there a time commitment?

-We know everyone has busy schedules, but we would love if you could commit of at least 4 hours a month.

After volunteering for 16 hours at an adoption site, you could become a Site Leader!

How can my group volunteer?

-We have special projects set up for groups – please email our Volunteer Manager for further information

Can I volunteer to satisfy required community service hours?

-Yes, you will need to contact our Volunteer Manager for further information.  Do not go through the Volunteer Application process.

Volunteers needing community service hours must be 16 years and older and will be assigned to supervised opportunities, such as setting up adoptions sites, cleaning cages, and other assigned duties.

The types of offenses that are allowed include DUI, traffic violations, loitering, and various misdemeanors (at the discretion of HPF). Felony offenses are not eligible for community service with HPF.   All individuals that have been court-ordered to perform community service of five (5) or more hours must provide documentation verifying the type of offense. We do not allow individuals with violent offenses (assault, battery, or animal cruelty) to perform community service at HPF.

I have volunteered with another rescue organization; do I still need to go through the HPF Volunteer Process?

-Yes.  Our rescue is not affiliated with any other rescue in Georgia and should you like to volunteer with HPF you must go through our Volunteer Process.

If I want to volunteer with cats only do I still need to fill out the application?

-Yes, we still need your information on file, however you will not attend the orientation listed.  You will need to contact our Cats Team Manager to set up a separate cat orientation time.

Additional Questions

Contact our Volunteer Manager


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