How does the Homeless Pets Foundation help animals?

First and foremost, by ensuring the humane treatment of homeless pets, and bringing people and pets together to enrich each other’s lives. Our programs include adoption, veterinary assistance, dog training, and other services. Our dogs and cats all receive medical care, socialization, and love, and all are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

How is Homeless Pets Foundation different from County Animal Services?

Animal Services is a county agency, funded by taxpayer dollars, which primarily meets a county’s animal control needs. As a private, non-profit, animal welfare organization, we are dependent on donations. We work closely with local animal services organizations to save the lives of as many dogs and cats as possible.

Is Homeless Pets Foundation a No Kill organization?

We guarantee to find a home for adoptable dogs and cats — animals that are both healthy and free of serious behavior problems. In addition, we help hundreds of pets that require medical or behavioral treatment before they’re ready for adoption. Animals are euthanized only if they are too sick to be rehabilitated, or too aggressive to be placed safely in a home.

Why can’t Homeless Pets Foundation take in more animals from the people who call to ask for help?

In order to save the lives of as many pets as possible, our first commitment is to provide shelter to loving animals who have run out of time and would otherwise be euthanized at public shelters if they are not rescued. We receive more than 30 calls per day, and many of these calls are from people trying to place dogs and cats. Every caller is provided with resources and suggestions to help them find appropriate placement.

Why is Homeless Pets Foundation particular about who adopts an animal, if so many animals need a home?

We place cats and dogs with adopters who understand that they are making a lifetime commitment to their pet. We therefore look for adoptive families that are responsible and ready to make a commitment to the animal placed in their care.

What is Homeless Pets Foundation’s facility?

Our headquarters is at Dr. Good’s Veterinary Clinic located in Marietta, GA, where we’re able to rescue, treat, and adopt more animals that would otherwise be put to death.