You provide the home. The pets provide the love.

Each new foster home allows us to rescue another pet from an over-burdened public shelter. You’ll act as a Homeless Pet’s owner, playing with them, taking them for walks, and ensuring they’re socialized. We ask that foster parents commit to keeping a homeless dog or cat in their home until that pet is adopted, anywhere from a few days to several months.

Once you agree to foster, we’re here to help. Dr. Good’s Veterinary Clinic in Marietta generously provides all medical care for animals in our program. We’ll also supply basic pet supplies like crates, collars, and leashes if you need them.

Foster families get:
  • Satisfaction of knowing you’re responsible for saving a loving pet’s life
  • The joy of pet ownership without the long-term commitment
  • An opportunity to teach your family about the importance of giving back to the community while teaching valuable lessons in responsibility.

Foster a Dog

Foster a Cat