Join our wonderful Team!🐾

Give an hour. Save a life. Share the love.

We need you! From walking dogs and cleaning to helping at special events and adoptions to providing love to all of our homeless pets – volunteers are the core of our Homeless Pets Foundation. You can make a difference by becoming part of our team today!

Under the age of 18?

We invite all ages to join in helping us towards our mission to save the lives of homeless pets! For more information on how anyone under the age of 18 can participate, please visit our FAQ.

Dog Walking

We do Sunday walks every week with our animals that are housed in the shelter. This is a great opportunity to play/walk animals and also meet other animal lovers. Please inquire if you would like to volunteer during the week or Saturday for dog walking. Must be at least 18 to handle animals.

Community Service Hours:

We would love to work with people needing to complete community service hours for work or legal-related issues- please fill out an application for more information.

Corporate Community Volunteering

Are you interested in volunteering with your company for team building? Please fill out a form with information on when you would like to volunteer and how many people will be joining. We are available M-F  for weekday volunteering events. 

Adoption Sites

Every Saturday and Sunday, our volunteers take puppies, kittens, dogs and cats to regularly scheduled adoption sites around the Atlanta area. Volunteers help potential adoptive families as they look for the perfect pet to bring home. The more volunteers we have, the more pets we can match with loving homes!

Volunteer Form

The Homeless Pets Foundation needs volunteers to help promote responsible pet ownership and find forever homes for adoptable dogs and cats. Please fill out the below form to start volunteering with our organization.