Mission. Vision. Values. 🐾

Our Mission Statement:

The Homeless Pets Foundation saves the lives of cats and dogs that have run out of time at public shelters by utilizing social networks, hosting adoption events, and placing pets in foster families until forever homes can be found.

Our Vision:

The Homeless Pets Foundation is an organization that aids abandoned and homeless animals while promoting the concept that people’s lives are enhanced by responsible pet ownership.

The organization focuses on three areas: finding adoptive homes for dogs and cats through Beyond Pets Animal Hospital, partnering with schools and local businesses to promote pet adoptions through our Homeless Pet Clubs, and transporting pets from the Southeast to other areas of the country where there is greater demand.

Since our founding in 1998, we’ve placed more than 10,000 pets into loving homes.


We fulfill our mission and vision by:
  • Providing rescue, adoption, and population control services to ensure all cats and dogs live in a stable and loving home for their natural lifespan.
  • Developing a solid and replicable program for saving homeless pets’ lives and sharing that knowledge with other animal protection and human service organizations both locally and nationally.
  • Creating educational programs to introduce the higher ideals of compassion toward pets and people, responsible pet guardianship, and controlling pet overpopulation.
We Believe:
  • A pet is a lifetime commitment and deserves a stable and loving home.
  • As living dependent beings, pets should get our utmost consideration when we make decisions that impact their existence or quality of life.
  • Pets help strengthen families and make us better people – thus forging better communities and making the world a better place to live.