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We come from various backgrounds: students and teachers, clubs and civic leaders, young and old. And we have one thing in common: a commitment to saving the lives of homeless pets. We are the Homeless Pets Foundation, a 100% volunteer-run organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership while placing adoptable dogs and cats in forever homes.

Dr. Michael Good, owner of Town & Country Veterinary Clinic – now renamed Beyond Pets Animal Hospital, founded the organization when he saw first-hand the need to get adoptable pets out of overcrowded shelters to prevent unnecessary euthanasia. Since our inception in 1998, our organization has rescued and adopted over 25,000 dogs and cats!

Financial donations are greatly appreciated, and 100% of your donations will go to the medical care of placing our rescue animals in their forever home.

Thank you for visiting us, and we greatly appreciate your support.

Michael Good DVM,

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100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to helping dogs and cats in need.


If you’re looking for a furry friend to add to your family, consider adopting a homeless pet.


We’re always on the lookout for foster families to provide a temporary home to our homeless pets.


Your time will help fuel adoptions. We’re always looking for volunteers to walk and socialize our dogs, help run various HPF events, and help care for our cats.


If you’re looking for a way to help find shelter animals a home, consider donating to the Homeless Pets Foundation.

Tammy is the sweetest bulldog you will ever meet! ♥️ Tammy enjoys air conditioning and snuggles much more than long walks on the beach and hot dog parks. If you are looking for your very own house hippo 🦛 and a baby you can chill with like a cucumber 🥒…Tammy is the princess for you! 👑 Tammy was discovered after being tossed out of a car 🥺 but her ruff start to life has not tainted her joyful heart and soul! ♥️ If you are looking for a lovely lady to shower with true unconditional love furrever, visit Tammy’s attached link, 👑 https://www.wagtopia.com/search/pet?id=2077222&name=Tammy 💚 https://linktr.ee/homelesspetsfoundation #homelesspetsfoundationmarietta #homelesspetsofmarietta #homelesspetsfoundation #adoptabulldog #adoptahousehippo #shelterbowtieproject


Daxe has a sweet nature that shines through with his exuberant personality!💫 His glee is infectious, charming everyone he meets, with joyful tail wags. Daxe loves to play and toys bring him much happines!🎾 Daxe is a strong and muscular fellow who is a big goofball at heart!🥰 If you would like additional information on Daxe, our 3-year old boxer, please visit his attached link, 🧸 https://www.wagtopia.com/search/pet?id=2046448&name=Daxe 💚 https://linktr.ee/homelesspetsfoundation #homelesspetsfoundation #adoptaboxer #adoptaboxerrescue #adoptaboxerrescue❤️ #adoptaboxertoday #adoptaboxermix #adoptaboxerdog


🌟 Shedding Light on Black Dog Syndrome at HPF 🌟🐾 At Homeless Pets Foundation (HPF), we are committed to addressing the issue of Black Dog Syndrome. This phenomenon often results in black dogs (and cats) being overlooked in shelters, despite their loving and deserving nature. Let’s work together to break the stigma and give these amazing pets the chance they deserve. #HomelessPetsFoundation #BlackDogSyndrome #AdoptDontShop #EveryPetDeservesAHome 🐾❤️✨


🌟 From Rescued to Restored: Freedom Ride at HPF 🌟🐾🚐 Join us in celebrating the remarkable journeys of our rescued pets at Homeless Pets Foundation. Our Freedom Ride symbolizes the transformation these animals undergo—from uncertain pasts to hopeful futures filled with love and care. Witness the incredible transition as they travel from rescue to restoration, ready to find their forever homes. #HomelessPetsFoundation #FreedomRide #FromRescuedToRestored #AdoptDontShop #WeLovePets 🐾❤️✨


🐾 Happy Caturday! Come out and meet some of our purrrfect kitties at Petsmart in Smyrna! ♥️ Featuring Peaches 🍑, Patches 🤍 and baby Ellie! 🍼 2540 Cumberland Blvd. Smyrna, 30080 🐈‍⬛ https://homelesspets.com/view-our-adoptable-cats/ 🧡 We’re also looking for cat volunteers! If you love kitties this is a fun and rewarding opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our feline friends! 🐾 🧡 Volunteers https://homelesspets.com/ways-to-help/volunteer/ 💚 https://linktr.ee/homelesspetsfoundation If you are interested in adopting one of our wonderful kitties please fill out an application @ https://homelesspets.com and a representative will reach out once processed. Thank you for choosing adoption! ♥️ #homelesspetsfoundation #adoptacat #adoptakittycat #homelesspetsfoundation #marietta #adoptableanimals #homelesspetsfoundationofatlanta #animalrescue #adoptacat #adoptakitty #adoptakittytoday #adoptakittycat😼😎🐾 #shelterbowtieproject


💕Come out and meet some of our Homeless Pets at PetSmart in Smyrna from 1:00 to 3:00 pm! Come out and meet your new furrever friend! 💞 Betsy will be there and she is all dressed up and so excited to make your acquaintance! 👗 💕 2540 Cumberland Blvd. Smyrna, 30080 🩷 Betsy, https://www.wagtopia.com/search/pet?id=2004836&name=Betsy+ 💚 https://linktr.ee/homelesspetsfoundation Thank you for choosing adoption! ♥️ #homelesspetsfoundation #adoptacat #adoptakittycat #homelesspetsfoundation #marietta #adoptableanimals #homelesspetsfoundationofatlanta #smyrna


🏡 Our Precious Ashton Finally Found His Forever Home! 🐾❤️ We are overjoyed to announce that our sweet Ashton has found his forever home! Ashton’s journey at Homeless Pets Foundation (HPF) has come full circle, and he’s now off to start his new life with a loving family. Want a Kitten Too? Ashton’s siblings are still looking for their forever homes! If you’re ready to add a bundle of joy to your family, come check out his adorable brothers and sisters. Adopt a kitten today and experience the love and happiness they bring. #HomelessPetsFoundation #AshtonFoundAHome #AdoptAKitten #KittenLove #ForeverHome 🐾❤️✨


🌟 PUPPY CAMP 🌟 Hosted by Homeless Pets Foundation 🐾 June 28, 12-2 PM 🐾 Come Meet Your New Furry Best Friend! 🐶🎉 Join us for a special Puppy Camp where you can meet and interact with some of our adorable puppies who are in need of a home. This is your chance to find the perfect companion and fall in love with a new furry friend. #HomelessPetsFoundation #PuppyCamp #June21 #MeetYourNewBestFriend #WeLovePets


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