Fall Gift Basket Raffle

Enjoy the calm fall weather with your furry friend. This year, we’re offering a special raffle for a paw-some Fall Gift Basket, with all proceeds going to benefit our Homeless Pets Foundation.

What’s in it?

This gift basket is filled with everything you need to celebrate Fall. From delicious treats to luxe collars and leashes, this basket is overflowing with fall-filled fun. But the best part? 100% of your purchase goes toward making a difference in the lives of animals in need.

How does this benefit HPF?

By participating in this raffle, you’ll not only be treating your loved pup to a special Fall season, but you’ll also be making a positive impact on the lives of animals. With every raffle ticket purchased, you’ll be supporting HPF’s mission and making a difference in homeless animals in the Metro-Atlanta region.

When does it end?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to show your love and support for animals in need. Get your raffle tickets today and truly celebrate the season of giving. Hurry, the raffle ends on November 30th!

Order now and show your love for both your pup and for animals in need. Your purchase will make a difference in the lives of many, and you’ll be making this Fall one to remember!

Small Dog Gift Basket

Large Dog Gift Basket

Kitty Cat Gift Basket

Buy your Raffle Tickets

The winners will be announced on December 3rd. Good luck!

Fall Gift Basket (#23)