12 Strays of Christmas

Dr. Good, Tara, Roxie, and Paige all brought 12 of our homeless pets to News Radio 106.7 this morning as part of our “12 Strays of Christmas” promotion. The pets that we featured were…

Rebel (1 year old, black chihuahua mix – male)
Leonard (4 year old, gray&white pit bull mix – male)
Meadow (3 year old, brindle cattle dog mix – female)

Ichabod (3 month old, orange tabby – male)
Kiwi & Tangelo (5 month old, black&white – bonded pair – male)
Prince Charming (4 year old, long hair white – deaf – male)
Liam (5 month old maine coon mix – hit by a car – male)
Lil (8 month old, medium hair black – female)
Markyl (7 month old, brown tabby – male)
Calsifer (7 month old, orange tabby – female)
Susie (8 month old, russian blue mix – female)

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