We love our volunteers and adopters. So when a couple who volunteers with us adopted from us, we were over the moon!

Volunteers Jackie and Kenny help us wrangle, exercise and showcase our dogs at mobile adoption events. When you’re hands on with the dogs on a regular basis you get to know them well. Sometimes you can’t stop thinking about them and that’s what happened when Kenny and Jackie met Cledus. Cledus is a big baby who demands lots of attention. Shelter life is hard for all animals but Jackie and Kenny felt especially bad when they had to send Cledus back to his cage at the end of the day.

Thanks to them, they found room in their home and hearts for one more dog and Cledus is now getting all the babying he wants!

Jackie sent pictures and this update:

“The first time I met Cledus ( now Chip) while volunteering, there was an instant connection. I know it sounds weird, but after spending time with him and training him I felt like he chose me, honestly. After volunteering week after week I just fell in love with him. He’s such a good boy, and learns very quickly!! His favorite things to do are hike trails and be picked up! lol ”

THANK YOU for adopting and volunteering!

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