Joe Brown, Lockheed Martin engineer, and his wife Laura were biking on the Silver Comet Trail one Saturday and found a little puppy sleeping in the middle of the road all by herself. The animal lovers could not pass by & leave her there so they picked her up & took her home. She had no collar nor ID. They considered long & hard about keeping her, but with their busy schedules and frequent travel, decided it was best to find her another home. Joe contacted his Lockheed Martin co-worker, Teri Mobley (Homeless Pet volunteer) and begged for her help.  Teri convinced HPF to take the puppy (Ginger) into the program. 3 days later, the puppy went to her first adoption event at Harry’s Farmer’s Market where she was spotted by a great family that just knew she’d be right for them. They adopted her on the spot! The dad convinced the rest of the family that this puppy was for them. As fate would have it, the dad, Patrick Swagerty, is also an engineer at Lockheed Martin! Now, Patrick keeps in touch with Joe & Teri; giving them updates on how Ginger (now Renny) is getting along. She fit right in with the Swagerty’s and their Australian Shepherd. This is a story with a very happy ending for 3 Lockheed Martin employees.

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