Mildred came our way via a north GA animal control facility. They were full and animals were at risk of being killed due to lack of space. She. Was. Terrified. She clung to the volunteer who brought her in like her life depended on it. And it kind of did.

After weeks at our shelter a volunteer took Mildred home to foster. Mildred loved our volunteer’s dog and blossomed in the home.

A couple saw her online and noticed she had an eye defect which may require special care. They’d recently said goodbye to their senior Chihuahua Kimi and they and their other dog, Fernando, were missing her. They wanted to show some love to a new dog especially one with special needs who others might overlook.

The Bialas’ met Mildred and took her home for a 2-week trial. Mildred and Fernando took to each other immediately! Once home, Mildred, now called Millie, also made friends with Luna the cat. Her new parents love her and the feeling is mutual. It’s all settled that Millie is home for the holidays and beyond! Thank you so much for adopting her!

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