In late December, my husband and I adopted Willem whom we have renamed Wilson, Kittenhead, and L’il Bits.  No doubt, over the years he will earn any number of other nicknames. He is shown here in the middle of play time with Bogie, our other fur baby.  Wilson was close to 6 months old when he came to live with us and we had forgotten how much fun it was, having a kitten.  This little guy is adorable.  He arrived well socialized–he doesn’t run from friends who come to visit,  sweet natured and highly energetic–he really keeps me busy, devising new games to keep him interested, and we spend lots of time every day, playing.  Right now, his favorite game is jumping to catch a feathered toy.  From the first day, we never had to separate him from Bogie, who is a really gentle giant who never once had an ugly word to say about (or to) Wilson and they are learning to play together, which delights me.   I imagine in another month or so, they’ll be snuggling up together.  He has several places around the house to sleep during the day, but needless to say, since day 1, he’s snuggled up right between Andrew and me, at night.  Wilson is already much loved and pampered.  -Debbie Martin

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