Alex & Angel

Weeks ago during a cold snap these little dogs were found in a parking lot inside a tiny cat carrier. We were unsure they’d survive the exposure, the trauma of being abandoned and the change of environment at our shelter. It took lots of patience and TLC to get the 8 year old brother and sister to even venture outside the cat carrier.

We decided they had to be adopted together but worried it’d take a while for them to find a family. But at their first adoption event they met two sisters who’d just bid a sad farewell to their elderly dog, saw these little ones in need and knew immediately it was meant to be!

Alex and Angel call the dogs Noodles and Butter. Yum! And they have this to report (along with the couple of pics of the dogs resting easy in their new home.)

“They’re very smart. They sit and stay on command. They are so loved, Alex calls them her babies. They spend their days sleeping with her in her recliner and at night sleeping in the king size bed with her. They have a ramp to get in and out of the chair so they do not need to jump. They are so happy, they love for her to carry them around and kiss them on the top of their heads. We could not be happier with them, they are perfect. Thank you for saving them and thank you for letting us adopt these wonderful dogs!”

We thank YOU for adopting them!

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