In February 2015 we rescued Bissou and other dogs from a yard where they were chained to the ground. None were “fixed” so of course Bissou had just given birth to 8 potluck puppies when we came on the scene (each looked like one of the males in the yard – different breeds!)

Bissou was heartworm-positive and scared. All her pups got adopted quickly but she waited about a year before someone came for her. She didn’t do well in her first home and wouldn’t move because she was so scared.

Back she came and we were concerned she was not adoption-ready. Then a former HPF adopter contacted us wanting to foster a dog who’d been with us a while. She picked Bissou and we told her about Bissou’s fears and failed adoption. The family decided to give Bissou a try anyway. We held our breath and sent her off.

Their first report was that Bissou wasn’t eating a whole lot and she was so nervous mom had to spend the first few nights with her in the living room. Ut oh.

The next report was that she loves balls, is less nervous, enjoys the company of the other dogs in the house and is house trained! Yay!

The next update was that Bissou loves to destroy shoes, Barbies and undies, is scared of the dryer and is still shy around dad and the kids. But mom was calling her “mama” and dad “little girl” and the whole family still felt happy about the decision to help her.

The last update was that the family was going on vacation and would have to bring Bissou back to us. BUT, afterward she’d be going back home with them FOREVER! They decided she was meant to be one of the family! We’re over the moon. They are already back in town and “Mama” is back home with them for good.

We LOVE this family! Thank you so much for giving Bissou a chance, or two, or three!

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