Butch was surrendered at Cobb County Animal Control when his owner moved. Already packed with dogs, many of which were pit bulls, they asked us to pull Butch into our program. We did and Butch attended adoption events and impressed everyone with his good looks and behavior but nobody applied for him.

Armando, visiting from South Carolina, saw Butch and they clicked. Armando stayed at Petsmart hours that day and promised to come back. Butch cried when he left. Every weekend he could, Armando came and sat with Butch at adoption events showing folks how Butch knew obedience commands and how well he walked on a leash. Still, no one wanted to take a chance on a 70 lb., 4 year old pit bull.

Armando decided to foster Butch until he got adopted since Butch cried every time Armando had to go home. You can see where this story’s going, right?

Congratulations to Butch for finding such an amazing new dad! We asked for pictures and got lots of cute ones. Apparently Dad and Butch are living it up and making up for lost time. We love our adopters! Thank you so much for taking this dog into your heart and home!

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