Darling (Sadie)

Yes, Dixie Dog was my baby and meant the world to me. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do to let her go. I just melted down at the Vet.
We had to make the hard decision to not let her suffer and we didn’t know she had Cancer. It was a surprise! The doc ran an X-ray just to check why her legs were not working and why she was having seizures. They found her spine was fused and her right knee. The blood work came back with 600X higher white blood cell count than normal, which meant she had a raging infection. Cancer! I kept asking how this happened so fast, since I just had her scanned a few weeks ago for tummy issues. Dr. Good said Lymphatic Leukemia comes on fast and harsh.
Thank God Dr. Good was there with me. He gave me the stern Quality of Life speech, with Dixie being 18 years old and all, until I looked at him with my eyes saying I know what you are doing. Then he held my hand and held me up until I could breath again. My Husband Richard ran down there and we both were able to hold her for a long time before she went to sleep. My baby, child, love of my life and best friend is now in heaven.
Then two days later when we went to pick up Dixie’s ashes, Nicole (Dr. Good’s Asst.), Richard and a friend of mine conspired to have me  look at the puppies. That was it, the first one looked like my Dixie girl and just held on to my neck and wouldn’t let go. So now I”m a Homeless Pet Foundation Adopter. Meet “SADIE”. (attached)  She is a 7 pound little monster. She was so shy when we first brought her home but now she is like a little fur-ball of energy. She had worms and kennel cough but we are helping her get well and gave her a home. Man it’s been a long time since I have had to puppy train. Lord help us! She is Adorable.
No one can ever replace my Dixie but we are so happy we could help save the life of another pup and give her a good loving home.
Patricia “Trish” Taylor

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