Occasionally we rescue a dog who struggles to be adoption-ready. Their bad prior life rendered them tricky to re-home.

Harley was part of a neglect/hoarding case. She’d been kept in poor conditions for so long that when we rescued her, she had no idea how to respond. As a result, some of our volunteers walked away from her with bandaided fingers and hurt egos.

Then one of our long-time volunteers, Margie, offered to take Harley home to work with her. Margie was NOT looking for a third dog (her other two are HPF alumni). It was STRICTLY for fostering until Harley could learn to accept love.

Good news! Harley has learned to accept and give love. The catch is, she only wants that give and take with Margie and Margie’s dogs.

So…..thank you Margie for making room in your heart and home for one more dog. Harley is so happy with you and Taco and Samantha! Thank you for adopting and saving this deserving girl!

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