Holiday Miracles For Simon

Joy stopped by the clinic on Tuesday evening after the Superbowl to pick up a dog that she had been fostering. However, the dog was adopted just before Joy arrived. In a way it was a good thing because she was told that there was a little dog that needed some special attention. He was in a cage and terrified, shivering and dirty.

Some of the walkers discovered him in a crate outside Town & Country Veterinary Clinic, up to his belly in water, freezing in January just a day or two after the Superbowl. They think he was there for a couple of days before anyone found him, and it had been a cold and rainy weekend. His little voice was still very hoarse, probably the result of trying to get attention for a long time before anyone heard him.

He was named Cody, and he was a survivor. Joy brought him home to foster and knew that as fragile as he was, it would be a long time before we went to adoptions, but that didn’t matter. Joy fell in love with him. It took a LONG time with lots of detangler to get him clean and free up his matted hair. He was so skinny you could feel all his bones. It took about 6 weeks of very intense love and affection from Joy, her friends and neighbors, and her dogs before they could snap him out of his foggy state. He would go limp and look away if you tried to hold him. The dogs tried to engage him in play and he would act like he didn’t even see them. SLOWLY he started to respond to the love and attention he was receiving.

Now he’s a happy playful Senior Citizen at about 10 years of age and going thru his second childhood now. He constantly plays with Joy’s dogs and loves everyone he meets.

-As told by Joy B.

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