Homeless Pets Success Story: Lookin good, Tuck!

Tuck was a Homeless Pet for over a year. He came from a kill shelter and was nothing but skin and bones when he came in. Once the staff got his health under control, he became somewhat aggressive (more like cage rage). He was labeled dog aggressive, and he went weekend after weekend with no interest. A dog training took interest in him and volunteered to foster him. She worked with him for about 6 weeks and come to find out he’s not dog aggressive, she just needed time to release his energy. She never had an incident between him and her dogs, even in the begining.

But still, probably because he’s a pit, he just sat, waiting for a home.

Luckily, Sandi Nida, a Homeless Pets volunteer, asked two good friends, Richard and his brother Randy, to consider keeping him.  Richard, Randy, Randy’s son & his girlfriend all came over to meet Tuck and they took him home that day.  I told them that I wanted him back if they decided not to keep him.  That was never a thought.  The only decision to be made was who would actually be the owner of Tuck, and they decided on Randy, and Tuck has been living the dream ever since. Don’t believe me? Check out his pics!

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