My husband and I started to volunteer with Homeless Pets Foundation last fall. After working a couple adoptions, we noticed a senior dog, Waffle, who did not receive much attention from perspective adopters. Waffle was the victim of a hoarding case and, at 14 years old, had been at the shelter for six months. When others overlooked his kind smile and desire for love, my husband and I saw that he needed us as much as we needed him. We gave him a good bath, bought some new toys and beds for him, and we brought him home. He has become the best of friends with his two-year-old brother, a lab retriever. They play all the time. I believe our young dog brings out the younger dog in Waffle. Twenty-five years ago, I was born… 11 years later Waffle was born; it took us 14 years to unite, but we finally found each other. It took Waffle 14 years to find his forever family and we’re going to give him the best of love to ensure he forgets the trials life brought him. He’s been a joy to my life and every morning when I wake up, I enjoy hugging him each and every time. Our family is finally complete!  -Leslie Brown

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